“Out of the Sahara” - World Music Tour Concert for memorizing Chinese Writer San Mao successfully released

On January 13th, the music project “Out of the Sahara” - World Music Tour Concert was launched by Beijing Water Cube. The news conference was organized by the Water Cube Youth Development Center, Arts Water Space Culture and Art (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. to commemorate the Chinese writer San Mao.
With the combination of classics and innovations, including the documentary which made in the Grand Canary, San Mao’s classic quotations, the music pieces named after San Mao’s compositions and the original background pictures and other artistic cross-border multimedia for the music interpretation of San Mao’s poetic literary works and legendary life experiences. From recalling her life to be thankful to the society, San Mao’s independence, kind and warm humanistic feelings, interpreting the respect to the truth of life and the pursuit of spiritual values, to remind a generation of their youth memories. 
The conference will take San Mao’s classic works “The Loving Angel” as the starting point, combining the “An orange school bag to help children with hearing problems” public welfare activity and the “Dear mother do not worry, I will come home safely” theme, as well as combining the communication of art and public charity.
The news conference was a complete success and absorbed wide attention across the community. Water Cube Youth Development Center, People's Music Publishing House, Central Conservatory of Music, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Music College of Capital Normal University, People's Liberation Army Art Institute and Taiwan AnTong International Business Co., Ltd., Shenyu Culture Group and other cultural institutions in Beijing, online media and other guests participated in the conference.